"we are extremely excited to offer our research studies, reports and software on the bloomberg professional system. we believe our trading discipline through the technical observation of our advanced bias, setup and trigger measures dovetails nicely with the advantage of knowing who is getting squeezed ." Phil Erlanger, CMT & president of Phil Erlanger Research Co., Inc.

phil erlanger research on bloomberg professional

Phil Erlanger Research is an institutional research firm focused on delivering to investors advanced technical and sentiment research and data. State-of-the-art computational techniques are combined with proprietary market data on 8,000 equity issues, 24 sectors and 152 groups into Erlanger Chartroom. Full coverage of ETFs and ADRS is provided as well as analysis of openand closed end mutual funds.Before forming Phil Erlanger Research, Phil served as the Senior Technical Analyst for Fidelity Management & Research and before that as Advest's Chief Technical Analyst.
Key to our research is our proprietary software Erlanger Chart Room which now connects to live market datavia Bloomberg's Data API. Chart Room provides daily screens, charts, unique data series, option ratios, seasonal patterns, short ratios as well as a host of group and sector indicators. The ability exists to store portfolios and do advanced screening via Erlanger Scans and Custom Scans.


erlanger proprietary technical studies now available on bloomberg professional

Erlanger proprietary technical studies have been available only on Erlanger Chart Room. Now we have made a variety of our technical studies available to all Bloomberg users. These studies can be used in multiple timeframes and benefit both the short term trader as well as the buy and hold portfolio manager. Take a free 45 day trial of our indicators and see if they help improve your timing when buying and selling stocks. In addition to these studies we will be providing some volume studies within the few months. Make sure to read all documentation on these indicators and to watch our videos that go in depth on how to trade these indicators.

Watch Erlanger Studies on thisBloomberg Basics video.

Bloomberg Chart Day July 19, 2011 slides (pdf)


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