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Mar. 7, 2019

 V 1.00 build 158

Mar. 7, 2019

 V 1.00 build 158 

Mar. 7, 2019

 V 1.00 build 158

Enhancements with V1.00 build 158 version:

Various upgrades and fixes. This build requires recreation of EZLM charts from pre-143 versions of the software.

Institutional enhancements added.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 157 version:

Various upgrades and fixes. This build requires recreation of EZLM charts from pre-143 versions of the software.

Institutional enhancements added, including Index Breadth studies.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 154 version:

Various upgrades and fixes. This build requires recreation of EZLM charts from pre-143 versions of the software.

Institutional enhancements added.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 152 version:

Various upgrades and fixes. This build requires recreation of EZLM charts from pre-143 versions of the software.

Institutional enhancements added.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 149 version:

Various upgrades and fixes. This build requires recreation of EZLM charts from pre-143 versions of the software.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 147 version:

Various upgrades and fixes. This build requires recreation of EZLM charts from pre-143 versions of the software.

ECOS study added.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 145 version:

Various upgrades and fixes. This build requires recreation of EZLM charts from pre-143 versions of the software.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 143 version:

Various upgrades and fixes. This build requires recreation of EZLM charts.

ETS (Erlanger Trigger Suite) study added.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 137 version:

Various upgrades and fixes.

EVS (Erlanger Volume Swing) market, sector, and group studies added.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 129 version:

Various upgrades and fixes.

Trading Rank study added.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 123 version:

Various upgrades and fixes.

CA (Cumulatuve Alpha) study added.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 121 version:

Various upgrades and fixes.

EFM (Erlanger Fast Momentum) study added.

EPAS (Erlanger Price Action Setup) study added.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 112 version:

Various upgrades and fixes

Fixed vertical axis label to adjust to 4 decimals when needed.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 111 version:

Quote sheets have DMA High and DMA Low studies.

EC Spread indicator is back.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 106 version:

All optimized seasonal data available in quotesheets.

Began construction of panaels section.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 105 version:

New templates.

Added additional Opening Range Value Lines.

New study - Erlanger Crossover (EC), Erlanger Crossover Spread (EC Spread)

New QS field - Beta

New study - Erlanger Zero Lag Momentum (EZLM)

Enhancements with V1.00 build 99 version:

Min/Max added to script fields.

Improved templates, including new Bias template.

Added RS to scripting.

Y-axis manual scaling by unchecking Auto Scaling.

Ctrl+Shift+C will copy chart.

You can rearrange template and quick tabs.

Quickload tabs on second row (hidable).

QS can hide and unhide columns.

Added Interval selection to various indicators.

Added EROC, countdown timer, status bar indices.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 71 version:

Improved templates.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 69 version:

Improved data stream handling.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 67 version:

Added ENS indicator.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 65 version:

Updated templates.

Added bar conditions to color conditions in chart properties.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 64 version:

Fixed minor bugs.

QS and Chart has default layout options.

QuoteSheet ETD has multiple time frames.

DMA Channel bars on Secondary Charts.

HeikinAshi bars on Secondary Charts.

Resolved intraday data disconnects with Bloomberg Edition.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 55 version:

Added BAT indicator.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 52 version:

If you press ++B a dialog will popup that allows you to set the default number of bars requested for each time frame.

Added Linear Regression Channels.

Secondary Charts can now be assigned to the main chart window with either a shared or independent scale.

MA values in the XHairs window has more info.

Added: Erlanger Heikin-Ashi Lines, Heikin-Ashi Candles, Aroon, OHLC on Mutual funds above daily.

SECTOR/Group Members have Group name on top to facilitate export.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 33 version:

Added ECR version auto-updates for those on Vista operating systems.

Added DMA Channel to quotesheets.

We now have the concept of a focus column as well as row. If you highlight a cell and type, it will either type a user field if on one or the symbol name. Hitting enter or down arrow will progress to the next row under it, preserving the focus column. Type again and the same col is updated. You can quickly add labels or add new symbols without too much confusion.

Added Sector Member Reports.

Added Exchange field to quotesheets.

Enhancements with V1.00 build 22 version:

Now can print individual charts and quotesheets (expand quotesheets to print entire quotesheet .)

CPU load is greatly reduced when moving your mouse over charts.

Quotesheets now have menu choice "Display Labels."

Added additional formatting options in scripting.

included the necessary 7.1 system files in the installers

Updated templates. Added "Hide Source" feature to scripts.

Sectors/groups are avaiable as QS fields.

Fixed height format error for multi-line titles

Enhancements with V1.00 build 5 version:

Index and index components added.

included the necessary 7.1 system files in the installers

Scripts can now be password protected.

Column Formatting – decimal, alignment

ETFs and ETF members are now available in library

Report c olumn headers align to bottom

Copy/Paste from Excel feature added

Export/Import Entire Quotesheets, symbol sets (use text files with symbols in first column with no header)

Copy/Paste from Excel feature added

Auto Chart feature added

On quote sheet importing, ability to select “add to/replace” existing conten

Conditional color/style formatting

Add scripting on imported data fields – GetCol(“name” or number)

Fixes to CCI

Added Hull MA.

Enhancements with V0.220 version:

Added more icons to the Icon Toolbar for New Chart, New Quotesheet, New Seasonality Chart and New Browser.

Changed the context help icon at the end of the Icon Toolbar from an "I" to a "?".

Added enriched QS default pages and field availability.

Fixed bug under Report Coloring in the Reports menu item.

Added adjusted Rate-of-Change as a standard indicator.

Quote sheet headers can now be dragged to new positions.

Added browser and weblinks. The menu to change settings is up in the main menu bar.

Zero lines added to various indicators.

Templates are improved with help pages remapped.

Seasonality template improved.

Added tooltips to Tabs.

The script extensions have been changed to cbas and qbas. You will have to rename any custom scripts. The examples have been renamed.

Added QuickStart Video page to Help menu .

Enhancements with V0.211 version:

Added scripting to quotesheets.

Fixed bugs in template features.

Enhancements with V0.210 version:

Added Setup and Trigger tabs.

Fixed bugs in scripting plus added a mess of UI features.
Added a watch list so you can watch script variables on the fly.

Added clickable pairs.

Fixed the missing scroll bar for Reports in ECR.

Added scripting to charts.

It used to be that in the command line we just specified a server address.
Now it can specify multiple servers and ports.

Before you could specify and it would try that
server on port 80 and 3990. It still will.

If you put:
It will try server 1, but only on port 3990

If you put:,
It will try servers 1 and 2 on ports 80 and 3990

If you put:,
It will try servers 1 and 2 only on port 80

If you put:,
It will try server 1 on ports 80 and 3990 and server 2 only on port 3990

As a bonus, the About box also shows port number.


Enhancements with V0.205 version:

We converted our production databases to a new format. Erlanger Chart Room (ECR) now contains a realignment of our Group and Sector data to the  Standard and Poors Global Industry Classification (GICS) . This realignment will allow our database to:

  • Have a broader universe of stocks to follow (9,600 in new universe vs. 5,300).
  • Keep the database up to date with symbol changes, new issues, and corporate actions.
  • Greater consistency in the roll up Group and Sector data points like Group/Sector relative ranks, seasonality studies. Our old data had 18 Sectors and we now use the GICS 'Industry Group' to comprise our new 24 Sectors. Our old data had 139 Industry Groups and we now use the GICS 'Sub-Industry' to have a total of 146 Industry Groups.

Various bugs were fixed and template updates added.

There is a new Auto Print where the user can autoprint a custom list of stocks. The user can import and export to and from txt files as well as use the handy-dandy built in editor. ECR also remembers the last list the user used. Give it a whirl. Got To File and the choose Auto Print (Custom

New Group, Sector and Market 8ths based breadth data.

Mutual funds are added to the ECR database.

Multiple document interface - you can now resize individual charts within the workspace.


Enhancements with V0.107 version:

Improved process for current year seasonal cycle r-stat.

Pairs symbol import feature activated: from any report window, click on the blue button and select Import Pairs.

ECR now additionally listens on Port 80 to ease firewall issues.

Seasonal statistics in property window now an option.

Added "Historical Seasonality" study which shows each year's specific seasonal cycle under the price plot.

Fixed where some seasonal data doesn't show.

New Templates are included

New ETD dialog names

The Template option for crosshairs now has a Data Window Option also.

Fixed the disappearing crosshair bug.

Enhancements with V0.104 version:

New tabs ( Tick and EBB ) and templates.

Line drawing tools added.

Enhanced Library GUI.

Added EBB and TICK (RT version only) studies.

Added horizontal bands study.

Changed log scale so once you set it up it does not have to be re-inputted each time you switch a period.

Enhancements with V0.100 version:

Added multi-column sorts in reports (click on Column to add sorts.)

Fixed how pairs are calculated on uneven data sources.

Fixed data problems with Pairs seasonality.

Upgraded various templates.

Improved Seasonality Heat Map Study.

Enhancements with V0.096 version:

Grids allowed to be transparent.

Added Seasonality Heat Map.

Added Seasonality Zones.

Added Shadow Box Study.

Enhancements with V00.93 version:

Implemented online documentation.

Added chart context documentation and fixed some templates.

Added Auto Support Resistance Lines. You can put ASRL on nearly all studies, its cool.

Added William's %R Study.

Indexes have lost their _IDX suffix. SPX_IDX is now SPX, etc.
Improved display options for the Spreader(tm).
TRIX Spreader (This is cool.)
Use Conditional colors in Histogram.

Enhancements from earlier versions:

Improved report formatting with breaks
Fixed another Seas IPO bug
Jefferson data
Group/Sector as data series
Major Indices as plottable indcators
Change AMA to use repetative data
Added Pause to Auto Chart - button - menu and space bar Study Title use study color where possible Allocate more blank space for study titles Make Erlanger Menu Hide Institutional Studies for retail clients (except
Add Group Power Rank Reports
Add Sortable Date Column for Jefferson Reports
Use Conditional colors in Histogram

Added Divergence to Erlanger Volume Swing

Fix RelativeStrength Dialog (scale problems) Fix Trend Templates Ability to move reports in Chart (Group, Sector) to Main Report Window Added Average True Range Study

Seasonality on pairs!

Load and Save Chart Layouts
Available from the chart popup menu. Lets you save and load a charts layout. Layout includes fonts, colors, studies and settings.

Transparent Colors for lines - only in Line Mode. When displaying the chart as a line, you normally see a ghosted high and low line. You can set these lines to transparent in the color dialog.

Fix Export Dialog
Improved notification if symbol is missing Add display options to ROC Add Momentum to ROC Make embedded reports auto chart (and auto print) Multiple Batch Print Lists (use Save and Load from Dialog) accelerators for main menu context menus from reports Auto Print and Auto Chart

ROC indicators added

Export reports in CSV files.

Printer Settings are remembered
Batch Print Reports
New Auto Print Settings


Added Chart offset (right click chart, look under Format menu item.).

Fixed ReqID overflow problem

The report menu now has the Auto Print item. In the Print Dialog box there is a choice for Workspaces per page, Stretch to fit and make default. It uses the current workspace just like Auto Chart.

Added Erlanger Volume Option Rank

Added band to choppines indicator.

Fixed Seasonality crash.

Upgraded all default settings

Added Histogram to MACD

Fixed Histogram Color in Ergodic and TSI.

Fixed Pairs disappearing on Report Refresh Autoscale bug when the MA length is bigger than the data set Fixed crash bug when symbol has no E2K data (like indexes)

Added Volume tab..

Added EMF - Erlanger Money Flow Indicator.

Improved server backup and balancing.

New Seasonality tab.

If you hold down Ctrl while clicking on the crosshair or data window toolbar button - it will toggle it for all charts in the workspace.

Fixed compressed scale month display.

Extended dates to seasonality charts.