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Firewall Issues - Erlanger Chart Room

ECR uses a private protocol based on verified requests from a client machine to servers hosted by Phil Erlanger Research Co., Inc. These servers are themselves protected by firewalls and constantly update virus monitoring software from outside interference. Only authorized users may connect to the service, and only transactional data is transferred from server to client (ie., no email, no web pages, etc). The protocol requires only a single port to be opened to the ECR server - the client program uses any available local port. (Erlanger IP Address and Port 3990). The client program is a C++ app delivered as a self-installing package, and requires no manual configuration other than supplying a valid user name and password.

ECR has a backup server at IP Address, port 3990 or Port 80. This address should also be opened in your firewall in case the primary server does not respond.

ECR has the capability to select the single port to be used by the ECR server. Right click on ECR's desktop icon and append to the target address one of the following:

For our corporate clients having issues with port 3990, enter:

For our corporate clients having issues with port 80, enter:,