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All Erlanger servers are running normally.

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ECR Video is having some development issues. If you are unable to login to Erlanger 2000, download a new continuumclient.dll, and save into the "C:\Program Files\Erlanger\Erlanger2000" subdirectory. It's OK to overwrite the previous version of this file, but if you want to be extra careful, you can rename the old version by adding".bak" to the file name.

As an alternative, you can run the ContinuumClient Installer. The installer will search your file system for all ContinuumClient.dlls, to a depth of 5 directories, and replace all old versions. Old DLLs are not deleted, but will be renamed to show their version. For example, ContinuumClient.dll version 2001.5.17.0 will be renamed ContinuumClient.dll-2001.5.17.0. Before running this program, be sure to quit all QDPT programs, including Erlanger 2000 T. Afterward, on Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows ME, we recommend you restart your computer as well.