Erlanger 2000T

Erlanger 2000 puts advanced technical analysis and quantitative research on your desktop. Whether you want to find those stocks ranked as attractive from a technical or "sentiment" point of view, or to follow the markets using state-of-the-art methodologies, the tools are here.

Making The Difference

A professional golfer knows that a great caddie's advice can make the difference between landing on the green, or winding up in the rough. The same is true for a professional portfolio manager or trader - the tools and information provided by Erlanger 2000 can make the difference between a sub par performance, or outdistancing the competition. Erlanger 2000 contains the right mix of proprietary quantitative measures with a state-of-the-art monitoring platform to add the greatest value to the decision maker's trading and investing process.

The Art of the Squeeze Play

Erlanger 2000 is designed to showcase equity rankings based upon a 2 factor model - sentiment and price action. "Squeeze Plays" are identified by observing the market moving against a large body of wrongly thinking investors/traders.

Quantifying Relative Strength - Erlanger Power and Technical Ranks

Using non-linear mathematical algorithms, our computers are able to classify and recognize the pattern of individual equity relative strength lines. This enables the user to easily identify the stronger (and weaker) stocks, groups and sectors.

Online Workspace Environment

Erlanger 2000 uses state-of-the-art Internet data feeds from and Erlanger servers - directly through the Internet. No more local data storage. All data is streamed through the Internet.

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